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    The power of cohesion
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    2012 Mid Autumn Festival, national day double festival celebration, Sheraton casino company for the advent of the Tonghe double, in order to strengthen communication and coordination with the information department, emphasizing teamwork and employee morale, feel the spirit of enterprise "the courage to forge ahead, the world, feel the company business philosophy of" lifestyle, fine service, sustainable management, highlighting the value ", feel the employee of the company's implementation of the concept of" professionalism, responsibility, obedience, honesty, no any excuse ", especially on September 27, held the eastern overseas Chinese town Knight Valley eco Adventure Tour".   

    Heard that it is a beautiful and comfortable place, is jointly awarded by the National Tourism Administration and the State Environmental Protection Department of China's first "national ecological tourism demonstration area", by the Shenzhen municipal government awarded the "circular economy model unit" honorary title, in three ecological theme park, two mountain golf the stadium, three theme Town, four theme hotel, four theme and the theme of the Buddhist performing arts, the theme park estate is equal to one, including the Great Canyon Adventure Park, tea Valley Resort Park, wind Valley Sports Park, Huaxing temple, Interlaken OCT Hotel, Huaxing Temple Mahayana, Interlaken Hotel, Interlaken. La Cascada, Tian Lu mansion, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature of the Grand Lisboa casino. Of course, we can't wait to set out...... 7 point staff to Qi, ready to start......


    Starting, the company site photo

      Yang Chao, Zhang sum total instructor led, 8:40 arrived overseas Chinese town. By 9:30 before the park opened, the organization you shoot first as a collective, then have photos from a single photo.

    Grand Canyon photo

    Grand Canyon photo


    Unconsciously to 9 o'clock half, park attractions, we have entered the park, holding area of the interior of the atlas, has to the various attractions began to play.

    Oncoming attractions is the Grand Canyon waterfall, very grand, falls through to an American theme town harefield Town, there are backdrop, Highfield theatre, lakeside food Gallery Town Inn and other characteristics of the project, length of 120 meters wide and 12 m led canopy the sky, space, ocean and forest changes the turn of the spectacular scenes, surround sound to create a realistic sound, enthusiastic performances from the street band, let human eye the aerial.


    In a corner of the town hayfield


    Wonderful street band show

      Watching the street band show, and immediately see more exciting - mountain torrents roaring, roaring torrents 2000 cubic meters of flood pouring down, blasting, shooting, pyrotechnics, skiing... Overwhelming sound and lighting effects impact. It is mainly about is the story of mysterious mountain torrents, beach adventure 7000 square metre indoor water swimming world, surfing, the bowl and U-shaped slide, wind pressure made waves and river rafting, let you joy! The ever-changing music fountain fountain shape, Adventure Island, swaying coconut trees, fine sand, 3 meters high waves "aggressive" dynamic ocean flying youth and passion.


    Roar flash flash


    Concentrate on watching the show


    Then, it is more exciting to play the wooden roller coaster, the roller coaster with its thrilling and exciting, absolute security is known, is the focus of our heart to challenge the heart. Ha ha...... Disclosure: when we come to it at the foot of the heart cool half, know that I did not dare to sit, behind a few colleagues said: "brothers, today not to conquer it, we had to, ha ha... As a result they go up. Ha ha...... All eyes closed, biting teeth also constantly from his mouth a roar roar of resisted, the whole feeling is not rational, no resistance, only hysterical roar. Sheraton casino but when roller coaster is going to stop, also doing a brake for the parking process time, that feeling! Well, through, still alive. The feeling of success of that kind of challenge is really impossible to express.

    Thrilling stimulation, a little psychological adjustment, we arrived at the Jules Verne popular science fiction book "journey to the center of the earth", and the famous geologist Professor Otto together through the volcanic, the parlous state of the earth, the mysterious and dangerous task, the hurricane rescue arduous mission to save the planet, wisdom and courage to engage in fierce battle side by side, will experience a countless saints "geocentric four thousand miles" and "4D thriller 'haunted house' film".

      After watching the 4D movie, we take the jungle cable car went straight to the top of the hill, in I ride the cable car, cable car speed of the eastern overseas Chinese town is the fastest and soon reached the top of the mountain, "desire for a grander sight, a layer of floor", the grand Canyon peak in 480 meters above sea level, look around, the scenery is so beautiful.


    A view of the cable car

      Far to see, a modern metropolis of the scene, the front of the mountain, is the beautiful scenery of the Dameisha sea, the eastern part of the beautiful scenery of the Gold Coast, always so striking. See the right side is busy Yantian port, Shenzhen today, import and export volume of goods has been ranked first in the country, GDP also ranked in the forefront of the country.


    On the top of the hill overlooking the scenery

      Heroes Valley above the top of the mountain, the cloud top sightseeing area, is the overview of the eastern overseas Chinese town to the best viewing, including roller wheel, eyes to the nature sightseeing tower, sea of clouds cableway, sublime, walk in the clouds, project. 

      Walk in the clouds overhead corridor across the mountains, walk in, 360 degree panoramic view of the mountain landscape. Pinnacle completely transparent glass extends to the cliff, at the foot of the lofty cliff, clouds fluttering around me, now more than thrilling? Eye of the natural sightseeing tower 110 meters high, from 480 meters above sea level of the top of the mountain in line Intercloud, enjoy the spectacular 360 degree Shanhai panoramic view of the landscape.


    Natural eye sight


    Stop walking in the clouds the sky pictures, the flywheel side is what we are going to play

      Yunxiao flywheel Asia only cloud top speed runner, 360 degree side arm rotation with you in the sky counter centrifugal force, speed challenge, in addition to scream and scream!


    The five heroes play sky flywheel photo


    Walk in the clouds

      The tour of the eastern overseas Chinese town beauty is to let us in the process of the visit without queuing, help us save a lot of valuable time, thanks to the company give us the platform, let us profound learning and feel the company corporate culture. "Enterprise is the home, post is the root, and dedication, the dedication is the soul" is a brilliant interpretation of corporate culture, to the enterprises and increase vitality, enrich our leisure life, we have every reason to believe that a certain day of development company steam.

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