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    Cutting equipment
    Product introduction

    Product model: 500 type

    500 slitting machine is cutting equipment with high accuracy, high sensitivity, cutting speed can be any speed between the 0-150m/min, cut the width of the can to 2.2mm, with persistence tension magnetic powder brake and winding differential device, automatic meter counting device, biaxial staggered winding, never bite. The equipment is widely used in cutting, film, aluminum foil, mica tape, all kinds of tape, non-woven fabrics, electronic, printing, light industry and other industries the ideal equipment.

    technical parameter:


      Coil diameter: diameter580MM

     Maximum width of raw material:580MM

      Raw material volume diameter: diameter35-75MM    

     Minimum width of finished product:2.2MM

      Max diameter of finished product:340MM

     Maximum number of cutting: 100

      Reel diameter: diameter40MM

     At the same time, the number of winding shaft: 2 (can be a separate shaft winding)

       Range of tension regulation:0-24N

     Frequency converter: 5.5KW


     Main dimensions (length * width * height): 1170MM*1032MM*1283MM


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