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    Packing table and cutter combination cabinet
    Product introduction

    Cutter shaft cabinet physical map


    Tool cabinet overall chart

    Main function:

    The company's production of packaging and cutting tool cabinet is a professional manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for cutting aluminum foil used for storage. The utility model is convenient for the operation of the tool and the control of the tool, thereby improving the efficiency of production. The packing table and the cutter are all made of profiled aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and durable. Various specifications of the tool box are using ABS engineering plastic, the box has a hanging positioning groove, bearing performance is good, easy to use and safe and reliable. The tool cabinet adopts #100 high-quality casters, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, not to hurt the ground, strong bearing capacity, with brake.

    General specification for size。

    Packing table16001000800
    Tool cabinet130010001800
    Size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

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